microStudio 22.02.28

This new version of the microStudio standalone app brings a new asset manager, folders, new sprite edition functions and many smaller fixes and improvements.

New features

  • Asset Manager! Activate the tab for your project, then import your text files (TXT and CSV), JSON data, fonts (TTF), 3D models (GLB and OBJ) ; more supported formats will come
  • Sprite editor Flip and Rotate! Thanks to @HomineLudens for providing an initial implementation
  • Folders in sounds and music tabs
  • microScript v2 pre-alpha! It is very early though, don't check this one unless you are very curious. Most of the new features promised for v2 aren't there yet as I first focused on making all microScript v1 work on the new engine. Still, most of the hard work is done, what remains to be done is about 20% of it all.

New language: Russian

Thanks a lot to @Kureshik for his work on the Russian localization. Also thanks to Constantine_Retrogamer for his contribution.

Fixes and improvements

  • Sprite editor toolbar fixes by @Karlmolina (thanks!)
  • microScript editor indentation fix by @Karlmolina (thanks!)
  • microScript v1 interpreted now also supports native callbacks (useful when passing callbacks along to Babylon.js or other libs)
  • Improved help window layout (preventing it from hiding code) #84
  • Fixed #74 and #81
  • Fixed wrong mouse inputs after system.prompt()
  • Fixed deletion of non-empty folders
  • Fixed #79
  • Project tabs will now scroll if your window / screen height is limited
  • Fixed bugs #76 #59 #73 #75 and #78
  • Fixed project search filter broken when there are pending invitations
  • Set correct page title / description / twitter+facebook card image on public project links
  • Translation Fixes
  • Fixed incorrect transpiler output for while loops

Thank you all for your amazing support!



microStudio-22.02.28-linux.deb 121 MB
Feb 28, 2022
microStudio-22.02.28-windows.zip 173 MB
Feb 28, 2022
microStudio-22.02.28-macOS.zip 165 MB
Feb 28, 2022
microStudio-22.02.28-linux.rpm 136 MB
Feb 28, 2022

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What Game Engine or framework was this made in? Love the tool 👍

The engine is a custom development. I leave the details to the Developer before I tell wrong stuff, lol. More info on the website where you can run it online https://microstudio.dev/