microStudio 22.09.06

This new release of the microStudio standalone app includes all the recent fixes and improvements made to the engine. See the full list below:

Update 2022-08-30

  • Fixed bug with locals in if/else (microScript 2.0) #156
  • Fixed bug with captured outer locals being overwritten by block locals (microScript 2.0) #151
  • Added warning when using a variable assignment in a condition (e.g. if i=1 then ...#154

Update 2022-08-25

  • added change password feature
  • fixed animated sprites outline in maps, closes #153
  • Correct export of embedded JS, fixes #146
  • also fixed in previous hot updates:
    • do not reset object transform on resize #148
    • fixed typo in image.setRGBA
    • file view rejects drop of plain text, fixes #152
    • fixed ui bug on FireFox, closes #150
    • allowing to set options to project created by tutorial

Update 2022-07-04

  • reduced the number of lines in live help suggestions
  • attempt at providing correct permissions for autoplay, gamepad and midi for run window iframe
  • Project moderation was made a global config option
  • HTML cleanup

Update 2022-06-21

  • New variable global in embedded JavaScript snippets, holding the microScript global context
  • Generic progress bar is displayed when the project is loading
  • thread stored in local variable can reflect on itself #129

Update 2022-06-16

  • New project synchronization feature, accessible from the new project tab "Sync"
    • You have a public project A that you consider "released" but want to update from time to time.
    • Clone your project A ; let's call the clone B
    • work on project B without worrying to break anything in your public project A (which remains untouched for now)
    • once you have a solid new version of B, open project A and activate the tab "Sync"
    • in tab Sync (of project A), select B as synchronization source
    • review the list of changes and proceed ; your project A has pulled all the changes you made to B

Update 2022-06-14

  • screen.setDrawRotation() and screen.setDrawScale() do not affect screen.drawLine()screen.drawPolyline(),
    screen.drawPolygon() and screen.fillPolygon() anymore.
    It makes more sense like this, as the initial choice to make them affected was made because of the lack of screen.setRotation() and
    screen.setScale() ; these two functions have since been added.
    If you used screen.setDrawRotation() or screen.setDrawScale() to affect drawing lines and polygons in one of your projects,
    this update might break it.


microstudio-22.09.06-windows.zip 169 MB
Sep 06, 2022
microstudio-22.09.06-raspberry-pi.deb 100 MB
Sep 06, 2022
microStudio-22.09.06-macOS.zip 162 MB
Sep 06, 2022
microstudio-22.09.06-linux.rpm 131 MB
Sep 06, 2022
microstudio_22.09.06-linux.deb 116 MB
Sep 06, 2022

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