microStudio 22.05.09 - Folders, animated maps, and more improvements

This is the monthly update of the microStudio standalone app, including all the recent fixes and additions! Highlights:

  • All project tabs now have a fully working folder system: code, sprites, maps, sounds, music, assets.
  • Maps now support animated sprites ; all you need to do is to draw you map on screen and it will be automagically animated.
  • Support for mouse wheel: mouse.wheel
  • improvements to microScript support
  • improvements to the sprite and map editors


microStudio-22.05.09-macOS.zip 157 MB
May 09, 2022
microstudio-22.05.09-raspberry-pi.deb 98 MB
May 09, 2022
microstudio-22.05.09-windows.zip 164 MB
May 09, 2022
microstudio-22.05.09-linux.rpm 137 MB
May 09, 2022
microstudio-22.05.09-linux.deb 122 MB
May 09, 2022

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