microStudio 22.06.09 - Plug-ins, libraries, JS extensions

This new release allows you to extend microStudio in many ways: create or use plug-ins that extend the editor, activate libraries in one click, augment the capabilities of the microStudio core APIs by embedding JavaScript functionalities in your microScript project.

  • Project access API: access all your project files from code, opening many possibilities of custom editors and procedural generation
  • Plug-ins: microStudio now has a strong plug-in system. Think of a plug-in as a custom editor tab that you create as a microStudio project and that can be used in any of your other projects. Need a custom level editor for your game? Create it as a plug-in!
  • Libraries: the new library system makes it easy to activate or remove libs from your project.
  • Embed JavaScript in your microScript 2.0 code. This allows you to extend microStudio with any feature you may miss in the core API.
  • microScript 2.0 improvements
  • general editor improvements


microstudio-22.06.09-windows.zip 168 MB
Jun 09, 2022
microstudio-22.06.09-raspberry-pi.deb 100 MB
Jun 09, 2022
microStudio-22.06.09-macOS.zip 161 MB
Jun 09, 2022
microstudio-22.06.09-linux.rpm 138 MB
Jun 09, 2022
Jun 09, 2022

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