microStudio 22.03.14 - variables watcher and time machine

New in microStudio:

Watch variables! There is a brand new, feature-rich variable watcher:

  • see variables change in realtime
  • explore and track values in deep data structures (objects and lists)
  • change values on the fly
  • works for microScript v1 (interpreted or transpiled) and v2

Time Machine: go back in time and fix your code in the past!

  • Start recording
  • Rewind your game, replay past parts, see changes on screen and in the Watch window
  • Restart playing from a past point in time
  • Play in a loop while you adjust your code in realtime
  • works only with microScript ; also restricted to projects using the core graphics API for now

More improvements and fixes

  • Frame by frame: hit pause and then the step forward button to run your program frame by frame
  • Improved labelling of classes and object instances in the Watch window
  • Fixed a laughable bug with 60 fps stability optimization
  • screen space rotation and scaling: screen.setScale() and screen.setRotation()
  • Fixed #94 paste text into console
  • slight Time Machine UI improvement (and fixed #93)
  • Time Machine looping now replays recorded user inputs
  • microScript v2 fixes
  • Fixed fast forward bug when pressing play several times
  • New API features on system:
    • system.fps
    • system.pause()
    • system.exit()
    • also documented system.prompt(), system.say(), system.inputs and system.language


microstudio-22.03.14-linux.deb 121 MB
Mar 14, 2022
microstudio-22.03.14-windows.zip 172 MB
Mar 14, 2022
microstudio-22.03.14-raspberry-pi.deb 105 MB
Mar 14, 2022
microStudio-22.03.14-macOS.zip 165 MB
Mar 14, 2022
microstudio-22.03.14-linux.rpm 136 MB
Mar 14, 2022

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These are great features!