microStudio 22.04.19 - microScript 2.0, offscreen images and sounds

This release of microStudio standalone app introduces the following new features:

  • microScript 2.0: the new language is 100% backwards compatible with microScript 1.0. It comes with a new threading / coroutine system, preemptive by default, allowing to schedule tasks ahead of time, create periodic tasks or do heavy computations in the background without affecting the rendering flow. All this with a very easy syntax. It also brings new binary operators, prototypes for the core types, operator overloading (both for user-defined classes and core types).
  • offscreen images: load, create and modify offscreen images. Generate animated sprites or change sprites programmatically.
  • sounds: create sounds with code from scratch and play them.
  • save images, sounds or JSON objects to the user's PC
  • the documentation has been completed with 2 new cheatsheets and 3 new advanced sections.


microstudio-22.04.19-windows.zip 165 MB
Apr 19, 2022
microstudio-22.04.19-raspberry-pi.deb 98 MB
Apr 19, 2022
microStudio-22.04.19-macOS.zip 157 MB
Apr 19, 2022
microstudio-22.04.19-linux.rpm 136 MB
Apr 19, 2022
microstudio-22.04.19-linux.deb 122 MB
Apr 19, 2022

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