New 2D and 3D libs, support for Python, Lua and JavaScript

Today's update brings a lot of new possibilities to the microStudio game engine:

  • Create 3D games or GPU accelerated 2D games: microStudio now offers optional graphics libs for 3D (Babylon.js, micro 3D) and 2D (Pixi.js, micro2D).
  • You can now enable a 2D Physics Engine (Matter.js) or a 3D Physics Engine (Cannon.js)
  • You can now choose from 4 programming languages for your project: microScript, Python, Lua, JavaScript ; whatever the language you choose, you have access to all the microStudio APIs and tools.


microstudio-21.12.00-linux.deb 121 MB
Dec 03, 2021 172 MB
Dec 03, 2021
microstudio-21.12.00-raspberry-pi.deb 106 MB
Dec 03, 2021 164 MB
Dec 03, 2021
microstudio-21.12.00-linux.rpm 136 MB
Dec 03, 2021

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